Learner driver flattens motorbike

Biker has reactions of a cat to avoid reversing car

THIS biker had a narrow escape when a female, learner driver in an SUV reverses into him at a red light.

The accident happened in Canada and helmet cam footage shows the biker leaping from the saddle just moments before the driver flattens his bike.

The unfortunate bike is almost certainly a write-off, especially after the learner driver delivers her coup-de-grace and reverses a second time.

The biker posted his footage online and said: 'The adrenaline pumping through my system was so high, I was kinda happy to not be under the car. The car was resting on the bike, they had to lift it to get the bike from underneath.'

Edmonton Police Service said the driver was given a $500 ticket for careless driving and blamed the collision on inexperience.