Yamaha apologises over pricing error

Oops! New Yamaha NMAX 125 doesn’t cost £100 less than Honda PCX after all

THE NMAX 125 costs £28 less than Honda’s PCX, not £100 as stated at the launch of the new Yamaha scooter last week.

It means the NMAX costs £2,671, not £2,599, while the PCX is £2,699.

Yamaha has blamed its error on confusion over on-the-road charges, in a statement which has frankly left us a little confused over them too. It says the first stated price of £2,599 was ‘including VAT plus OTR charges’ before adding that ‘The OTR charge… is not included.’

Here’s the full statement: ‘Following on from the NMAX launch we must apologise for providing some incorrect information with regards to the NMAX pricing and the difference in cost between the NMAX and the Honda PCX.

‘As you know the NMAX is priced at £2599 including VAT plus OTR charges.

‘This is the normal way that Yamaha lists the Recommended Retail Price of its models and this figure includes the delivery to the dealer, number plate and pre-delivery inspection. The OTR charge (On The Road) is not included and is an additional charge that covers the cost of Road Tax and the First Registration cost (currently £17 and £55 respectively).

‘We must apologise for a genuine error in that we stated the difference between the NMAX and PCX was exactly £100. This is not the case as we now understand the PCX price of £2699 includes the OTR charge making the price difference between these two models only £28.’

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