Kawasaki and Yamaha begin hydrogen engine research project

Kawasaki and Yamaha have begun a joint research project to research and develop hydrogen engines


KAWASAKI, Yamaha, and a number of automotive companies are joining forces to investigate the use of hydrogen fuel in internal combustion engines. The goal is to develop a clean carbon-neutral fuel that can be used in convention four and two-wheeled applications.

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Included in the group are Mazda, Subaru and Toyota, with Toyota teaming up with Yamaha and Japanese ignition company Denso. Yamaha has a focus on internal components and parts, in addition to engine prototypes, combustion studies, output performance and improvement studies. Denso is in charge of developing direct injection injectors and spark plugs.

Kawasaki has had an eye on hydrogen fuels since 2010 and is currently developing the world’s first liquid hydrogen fuel. It’s planning to have the product finalised by the end of this year, and the futuristic fuel is created from Australian brown coal. The firm already has static engines that run on hydrogen gas, with the aim of introducing them to cars, bikes, ships and planes further down the line.

The specially designed ship to carry the fuel

And it’s not just the two motorcycle manufacturers that are in on the act, Honda and Suzuki will be joining the project further down the line, with the big four unified in the quest for a carbon-neutral ‘conventional’ fuel for motorcycles of all sizes.

The testbed for Yamaha and Toyota’s development is a car that is racing in a series of endurance races at Suzuka, Autopolis, and Fuji. Behind the wheel of that car is none other than Toyota's CEO Akio Toyoda.

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