Triumph TE-1 revealed, is as powerful as a Speed Triple 1200 RS

Full details are revealed as the final version of the Triumph TE-1 Project developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering makes its bow


The final version of the Triumph TE-1 Project electric sportsbike prototype has been unveiled with figures revealing its 175bhp power unit and a range of 100 miles.

The first all-electric model to wear a Triumph badge, the TE-1 was developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering as a taster of what’s to come from the British firm when it begins electrifying its models.

The TE-1 project began in 2020 with the unveiling of official sketches before Triumph drip-fed more details over the ensuing 18 months, revealing a disguised prototype version of the sportsbike earlier this year.

Now the final finished version has been unveiled together with its key statistics. With Triumph and WAE attempting to showcase the TE-1’s racing credentials, it has focused on delivering performance with the battery producing 130kW, which equates to around 175bhp.

This almost puts it on a par with the flagship Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS, while it accelerates almost as quickly too at 3.6secs, compared with the Speed Triple at 3.1secs.

From this the TE-1 can stretch out to a real-world 100-mile range, which Triumph describes as category leading in the electric sportsbike arena.

In addition, Triumph touts the TE-1’s 220kg - which compares to the Speed Triple 1200 RS’ 197kg - as 20% lighter than its competitors, plus it can recharge to 80% in just 20mins.

“We are incredibly proud to be able to share such positive outcomes from the completion of Project Triumph TE‑1, where the prototype demonstrator has exceeded many of our initial targets and expectations,” said Nick Bloor, CEO, Triumph Motorcycles

“Everyone on the team is thrilled with the results we have achieved with our partners, and how the outcomes of the project will feed into the electric future to come from Triumph.”

“WAE are delighted to have been involved in this exciting programme to deliver the TE-1 prototype,” added Dyrr Ardash, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Williams Advanced Engineering. 

“Since its conception in 2018, all the partners have worked with collaboration, innovation and passion to bring the boundary breaking prototype to life. It is pleasing to hear positive rider comments which confirms that the dynamics of the bike are aligned with Triumph’s DNA. 

“This has been underpinned by the class-leading Battery and Control System that WAE has produced within a lightweight and integrated package. 

“This core WAE technology has allowed us to exceed performance and charging targets for the battery which we look forward to seeing in future powertrains.”

While the TE-1 remains a prototype for now with no clear indication it will go into production as it is, it is expected to inspire upcoming electric models from the British firm.