KTM Duke 390 front sprocket fault

Dealers replacing sprockets for free over fault said to cause chain to come off

KTM IS replacing front sprockets on Duke 390s free of charge to remedy a potential fault which can reportedly cause the chain to come off.

UK dealers are fitting a modified part during routine services.

The front sprocket can become misaligned, causing the chain to come off the teeth, according to bike websites in India, where the Duke 390 is built.

The potential fault affects machines built up to March this year, when KTM introduced the modified front sprocket.

KTM UK said it was not a recall. A spokesman said: ‘Within the EU we use the term TI or technical information. This basically means it’s an issue we are aware of and something that is carried out when the bike is next taken into a dealer, at no cost to the customer. Only safety related issues are subject to a recall and in those instances it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to contact all affected customers.’