Knoxville stitched up after motorcycle accident

Jackass star still recovering from ball-busting injuries

JACKASS KING Johnny Knoxville is recovering from surgery after having his genitals stitched up.

The TV star was left with torn privates after trying a backflip on a
motocross bike as part of an Evel Knievel tribute on MTV aired last weekend. Although he was trained by freestyle god Travis Pastrana, Knoxville’s attempt went awry and left him bleeding profusely from his testicles.

Knoxville was taken to a nearby hospital, but the cuts, swelling and bruising were so severe medics couldn't operate on him immediately.
In a phone interview after surgery, Knoxville said: "I'm still a little groggy from the anesthesia. I just got the catheter out, and the doctor said I can resume normal functions immediately -- like, manly functions."

But Knoxville fears he'll have nightmares about the painful accident for years to come. He added:

"I was trying to back flip a motorcycle. The bike goes up about
15, 20 feet in the air and comes back down and breaks its handlebar off in between my legs. I was laying there spread eagle.

"They've never seen handlebars break off before, much less between someone's legs."

Knoxville tore his urethra in the accident. Funny as hell, but still painful.