Knievel’s canyon jump to happen again

Mad Mike Hughes set to attempt Evel's failed Grand Canyon stunt

Snake River - where Mike Hughes will attempt the jump

MICHAEL “Mad Mike” Hughes, a stuntman and media chaser, has launched plans
to replicate the world’s most famous stunt – Evel Knievel’s canyon jump.

Hughes is set to launch his Skylimo stunt, a steam-propulsion unit that may
eventually launch in the Grand Canyon but is likely to first launch where
Knievel’s landmark event took place, at the Snake River canyon.
Hughes, a chauffeur for 12 years, is building his Skylimo vehicle – which is
being design and fabricated by Bob Truax, the ex-NASA engineer who invented
and holds the patents on steam-rocket engines and built both of Evel Knievel’
s SkyCycles.

Like Knievel’s Skycycle, the Skylimo rocket will reach a height of 3,500
feet and an air speed of 350 miles per hour. The team’s plan is to launch Mad
Mike in the Skylimo to clear the Snake River Canyon, and during a later jump,
Grand Canyon West.