Keanu Reeves rides again in Matrix 4 movie

The fourth installment of the Matrix movie franchise sees Keanu Reeves again riding with co-star Carrie Ann Moss

Keanu Reeves Matrix 4

KEANU REEVES and Matrix 4 co-star, Carrie Ann Moss, has been spotted shooting a scene for the latest Matrix 4 film, this time riding a Ducati Scrambler.

The pictures show the duo riding two-up on a modified Ducati Scrambler Pro that is being pulled by a special filming rig during filming for the upcoming film.

The bike used looks to be the 1100 Pro variant of Ducati’s modern-classic Scrambler range, although there are a few changes between the stock bike and the one used in filming. For a start, all the front brakes have been removed, probably not down to the machine being used for flat-tracking and more to do with ensuring it can be fixed to the mobile filming rig safely.

The eagle-eyed among you will also notice the machine has lost its high-level end cans in favour of a low-level megaphone item. Again, this is probably more for practicality reasons than styling – Reeves' character, Neo, frequently wears long coats which wouldn’t look good getting burnt by the bike’s exhaust.

The Matrix films have a long history of featuring bikes, namely Ducatis in them. In the Matrix Reloaded, Moss’ character Trinity took to riding a Ducati 996 in one of the big-budget blockbuster’s chase scenes. Ducati released a limited edition replica of the machine used in the film in 2004, the 998 Matrix Reloaded, one of which Keanu is reported to still own.

Matrix 4 is still undergoing filming in the US and Europe and is thought to be landing in cinemas in the spring next year.