Kawasaki Ninja H2 revs to 14,000rpm

Latest teaser video gives away supercharged sports bike's engine speed

KAWASAKI has just revealed this eighth teaser video for the Ninja H2, showing the supercharged sports bike undergoing an engine test.

The 31-second video focuses on a four-into-one exhaust collector box (at least we think it's a four-into-one) which shakes as the engine is taken to high revs.

According to an acoustic tachometer app, which measures an engine's speed from the sound it produces, the revs are heard rising to 14,000rpm, after starting at 12,500 and increasing in 500rpm steps. 

The current ZX-10R red lines just below 14,000rpm.

A written message in the video says: 'Warmed up enough? Ninja H2, built beyond belief.'

It's the eighth in a series of official Kawasaki teasers for the Ninja H2, with earlier ones appearing to hint it will be the fastest production bike.

It's been suggested it's a 1000cc in-line-four making 225hp, but with the 'leak' originating from a forum post, veracity is open to question.

The model is due to be properly unveiled at the Intermot Cologne motorcycle show on September 30.