New Kawasaki Ninja H2 teaser as rumours circulate of 225hp

We know it's a supercharged sports bike. Not so sure about those 'leaked' specs

HERE'S Kawasaki's latest teaser video for the new Ninja H2, released as rumours circulate on the web that the bike makes 225hp.

The new video focuses on parent company Kawasaki Heavy Industry's experience in making gas turbines, telling us 'This tecnology was used in the development of a new motorcycle supercharger designed and manufactured in-house... Supercharged supersports debut.'

So it's definitely a supercharged sports bike then. What's not so clear is the veracity of a supposed 'leak' of specifications.

According to the rumours, the Ninja H2 uses a 1000cc in-line four engine pumping out 225hp, and could be the machine with which Kawasaki breaks manufacturers' long-standing mutually agreed 186mph top-speed limit.

It's also suggested the bike will have a trellis frame, single-sided swingarm and electronic aids including 10 power modes, a quick-shifter and advanced ABS.

It's even claimed there will be a race version making over 300hp.

However, with the already widely reported 'leak' apparently orginating from a forum user, who sites 'a friend of a friend with inside connections to KHI', accuracy is open to some big questions. 

The latest teaser is the seventh from Kawasaki on the Ninja H2. Teasers four and six seemed to hint it will be the fastest production bike. 

The Ninja H2 is due to be unveiled to the public at the Intermot Cologne motorcycle show on September 30. The eighth official teaser is due on September 24.

Can't wait for that.

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