Judge hands speeding motorist 1p fine

Paltry fine sparks outrage amongst Northern Ireland safety groups

A JUDGE in Northern Ireland has fined a motorist just 1p after he was caught speeding at 45mph in a 30mph zone.

Kenneth Kane, 52, from Toberkeigh Road, Bushmills was handed down the miniscule fine after he appeared in court charged with speeding at 15mph over the posted speed limit.

After the offence, which took place on on 11th May this year, Kane was offered a fixed penalty notice but failed to take it up on time.

In court, District Judge Desmond Perry said “with much regret” he had to fine Kane from Toberkeigh Road, Bushmills, saying he “should never have been prosecuted”.

Kane was fined 1p and had his licence endorsed with three penalty points.

The case has sparked outrage among Ireland's anti-speeding campaigners, who have branded the decision as "a total insult to the whole of society.”