Italian court rules in favour of two-wheelers in microcars parking dispute

In Italy, a dispute which began in 2014 between microcars and two-wheelers has once again had a ruling in favour of the two-wheelers.

Several motorcycles parked int eh same space as one car. - Save London Motorcycling

Around ten thousand microcars in Italy are fighting for parking spaces every day against scooters and bicycles. 

The whole argument, reports, around microcars parking in spaces that are reserved for scooters and bicycles first arose in Italy back in 2014.

The dispute occurred due to a fine of 100 euros being given to the driver of a microcar who was parked on parking strips that reserved the space for scooters in Rome. 

Recently, another ruling was confirmed supporting the case of two-wheelers, due to the placement of a sign in the area in question - in the Fabio Massimo in Prati area of the Italian capital - which distinguishes the parking spaces there are reserved specifically for two-wheelers.

The companies that own the microcars are arguing that the owners of the microcars are equivalent to the owners of motorcycles, and therefore that the rulings against them amount to an injustice. reports the Italian Superme Court said, simply: “Drivers are required to park their vehicle in the space intended for it without invading the adjacent spaces. This means that in the case of microcars parked in the spaces used for parking mopeds (obviously closer) it must be considered that their parking was carried out unlawfully."

The debate around whether microcars should be allowed to park in motorbike and scooter parking spaces is open not only in Italy but also in other countries.

If drivers of microcars parked in the parking spaces for motorbikes, then it is justified that the motorbike riders would be annoyed about another vehicle being parked in their designated spot. However, it also would work the other way around if a microcar would be parked in a full size parking space for a car, as people would be annoyed if a microcar took up a whole parking space for a regular car.

Lead omage credit: Save London Motorcycling.

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