Irvine on Schumacher: bike racing was 'sheer madness'

Former Ferrari team-mate questions German ace's motivation to race on two-wheels

EX-FORMULA ONE driver Eddie Irvine has labelled Michael Schumacher's attempted motorcycle racing career as 'sheer madness', amid frenzied rumours of the German ace's F1 return in 2010.

Schumacher's former team-mate at Ferrari told BBC Radio 5 Live the German needed an outlet for his competitive streak and that a career motorcycle racing definitely wasn't Schumacher's best move.

"He tried the motorcycle riding, which was sheer madness because he wasn't very good and wasn't getting paid so I never understood that one, but F1 makes sense."

"He's been bored I think. Very, very bored and he's definitely up for it," Irvine said about the German ace's F1 comeback.

"I hope he comes back, it will be fantastic for F1."