If you love Ducati you’ll love this

Ducati is now offering visitors the chance to participate in a guided tour of their Borgo Panigale motorcycle factory.

Ducati factory

The Ducati motorcycle factory in Borgo Panigale has long been a place of pilgrimage for motorcyclists and Ducati fans travelling from all over the globe. And now visitors have the unique opportunity of purchasing a guided factory tour and museum visit.

To quote Ducati: “Guided tours inside the factory do not just reveal how a Ducati bike is created, but also provide visitors with the opportunity to experience a moment of company life, along with the men and women who work in Borgo Panigale every day.”

Visitors can expect to feast their Ducati crazed eyes on numerous manufacturing and engine assembly phases, the motorcycle assembly lines, testing procedures and even and sneak peek of the legendary Race Department location, which is secretly located deep within the factory. 

Together with the Museum visit, the factory tour completes the "Borgo Panigale Experience". Even if you’re not a Ducati fan the doors are open to all motorcycle enthusiasts.  

Just make sure you’re not wearing your favourite flip flops, as the factory requires closed shoes for safety reasons. You know what they say, safety first… 

How to book a factory tour

Full: € 32 per person

Group (ten or more people): € 28 per person 

As there will be an expert guide taking you around, the tour of the factory can only be booked in advance. So if you’re keen you can book the tour by clicking here.

Also, the visitors below get in for free:

  • Desmo Owners Club members 

  • Under-11s 

  • Disabled visitors, invalids and their carer

  • School groups chaperons, drivers, tour guides, interpreters