Jessi Combs: Racer, TV star and fastest woman on four wheels has died

Motoring TV personality Jessi Combs dies whilst attempting to break a new land speed record in the United States; She was aged 39.

Jessi Combs

The worlds’ fastest woman on four-wheels and prominent motoring TV personality Jessi Combs has died aged 39.

Jessi had been attempting to break a new land speed world record when she suffered an accident in the jet-powered car she was driving in south-east Oregon.

She has been referred to as the ‘world’s fastest woman on four wheels’, a mantle she earned in 2013 when she reached 398mph (641km/h) but was this week attempting to surpass the ‘absolute’ record of 512mph (824km/h) set by Kitty O’Neill in 1976.

"Jessi's most notable dream was to become the fastest woman on Earth, a dream she had been chasing since 2012... and she left this Earth driving faster than any other woman in history,” read statement from her family.

Beyond her land speed exploits on four wheels, Jessi has become a recognisable figure in the motoring industry as a TV personality who has appeared in numerous mostly US-based series’ covering both two and four-wheel content.

She has appeared in the shows Overhaulin', All Girls Garage and Mythbusters, while her attempts to break this record was being chronicled for a TV show too.

Indeed, though she is known for her record attempts on four wheels, Jessi’s skills transcended the entire industry and she regularly put her knowledge to use on two-wheel machinery as demonstrated in posts through her various social media accounts.

Her untimely death has been felt throughout the industry, with numerous tributes around the world flooding in for her.

Visordown wishes to extend its sympathies with Jessi’s family and friends at this difficult time.