If BMW turned its K1600 into a sports bike

It might look something like this

OK, so we normally steer clear of computer-generated “what if” bikes but this one caught our eye – a faired variation on the BMW Concept C six-cylinder.

Imagined by Marko Petrovic, the bike is apparently inspired by an owl – hence the owlish artwork. Looks like an interesting idea, but you can be pretty certain we'll never see anything like it appearing from BMW themselves. The firm has already suggested that while it would like to use the six-cylinder engine in other bikes, its high production cost means anything it's used in will be pricey. They can get away with that in the world of high-end touring bikes, where the K1600 lives, but sports machines and naked bikes like the original Concept C operate in a market where price is as important as image and performance – and however much of the last two factors a bike has, if the first one is wrong it doesn't stand much of a chance.

Marko calls the bike the Ghost. Which is probably apt since it's never likely to exist in real life. Go on BMW, prove us wrong...