Hot bars - Renthal hit by organised theft

Watch out for stolen gear from Brit bars and sprocket maker.


World-famous sprocket manufacturer Renthal was hit by an organised theft last week - and it's warning bikers to be on the lookout for stolen handlebars, sprockets and chains.

A Renthal delivery truck parked at a lorry park in Peterborough was raided on March 2nd, on its way to TMV in Holland. Its entire shipment of handlebars, sprockets, chains and braces and clamps was stolen overnight.

Mark Fenwick of main Renthal distributor B&C Express told us, "The shipment was stolen from the lorry which contained nearly everything they do. The items are packed in brown boxes and then within the normal Renthal
packaging of each product. It was a well organised theft as it must have taken hours by hand to unload it all."

If you're offered cheap Renthal product or hear of anything then contact Renthal on 0161 406 6399, or your local police. And if the blighters get caught, we imagine you'll be good for chains and sprockets for life...