Hoolighana with Andy DiBrino - Pushing Possibilities on a KTM

Watch Andy DiBrino absolutely tear the place up on a custom KTM 790 Duke!

Hoolighana Andy DiBrino

HOOLIGHANA is possibly one of the greatest things I’ve seen this year - although it is still January!

You may be familiar with Gymkhana, and if not, to quickly summarise it’s basically some extremely talented driving from Ken Block who really pushes the limits drifting around a course in a car - it’s thrilling stuff.

Well, Andy DiBrino (two-time RSD Super Hooligan National Champion & 2019 Nitro World Games Super Hooligan Flat Track Winner) saw this and thought “why not do that, but on a bike?” and thus Hoolighana was born. He sets off on his custom KTM 790 Duke with trademark zebra livery and instantly starts bringing the style - drifting around a track, getting air, doing donuts around a little scooter and manoeuvring around a Mod-1-esque course built with energy drink cans.

I’ll be honest, if this was at any point required in the Mod 1 to get your licence, I'd be in a bit of trouble - it’s quite simply unbelievable what this guy manages to pull off on his 790 Duke. This is apparently only ‘level 1’ too, so who knows what he has in store for us next time?

Rider Andy DiBrino apparently first started flinging his bike sideways down a track when his motorcycle track day was double booked with a drifting event, and like all of us would think to do, he wanted to join the drifting party on his motorcycle - looking at his Super Hooligan flat track bike that was otherwise gathering dust in his garage.

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His KTM 790 Duke is all custom except for the frame, everything else is custom - shorter swingarm, subframe, bodywork, foot controls. You did read that right also, it’s not a longer swingarm you may see on other drift-bikes, he actually uses a shorter swingarm!

Well Mr.DiBrino, I for one am extremely happy you found drifting and created Hoolighana, and please get level 2 to us as soon as possible!