Harley-Davidson removes future electric model from its website

Harley-Davidson CEO Jochen Zeitz seems to be making good on his promise of focussing on the brand’s core customers!

Harley electric concept

BACK in May 2020, a chap called Jochen Zeitz swaggered into Harley-Davidson HQ with big plans and an even bigger job on his hands. Harley was in trouble, and it was his job to pull them out of the mire.

The plan was simple, pull back on non-essential activity, put the focus back on the brand’s core customers, and to reset product launches for best impact.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire video review

Harley-Davidson LiveWire (2020) Review | UK Road Test | Visordown.com

We’ve already seen the Bronx streetfighter pulled from the ‘Future Vehicles’ page of the H-D website, although now it looks as though the smaller scale electric projects are also getting the boot. There is still reference to the smaller side of electric life, the pedal cycle and electric scooters remain, although the bike that looked like it was going to slot in below the LiveWire has now been removed from the page.

Thankfully the Pan America is still holding on, because frankly if it wasn’t for that glimmer of hope, the Harley range would look a bit, how do I put this, dull! Okay, the styling of the bike might not be to everyone’s taste, but the idea of America’s most famous motorcycle maker stepping into the adventure sector, that can’t fail to get you excited, can it?

America’s biggest motorcycle website, Motorcycle.com did some digging on the matter of the lost electric bikes, and they got this response:

“As part of The Rewire, Harley-Davidson is no longer commenting on future products prior to their formal introduction. Harley-Davidson is committed to lead the electrification of motorcycles. As pioneers in the space, we are proud of the accomplishments of LiveWire to date, including achieving the #1 selling electric motorcycle in the U.S. and an extraordinary global response. We look forward to the bright future of electric motorcycles. We will be sharing more info along with our 5-year business strategy, The Hardwire, in early 2021.”

The main takeaway from this statement is the comment about looking forward to the bright electric future, is that with, or without Harley in it? Yes they do have the LiveWire and yes it is a very good… no, it’s the best electric motorcycle you can buy - if a little expensive. But that’s okay for a halo product such as the LiveWire – so long as the punters that can’t afford have a cheaper option in the range too.