Honda to unveil new 800cc road bike

Motorcycle giant announces plans for a new Indian-built 800cc road bike at CBF Stunner unveiling

Honda's new CBF Stunner

HONDAis to launch an all-new 800cc bike by the end of this financial year – the only downside is that it will launch firstly in India.

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) senior executive announced the plan while unveiling the new mini-motorbike, the Honda CBF Stunner in India yesterday.

The 800cc bike will be imported from the parent company. There would be another launch later this year which could be either a bike or a scooter. “It is too early to disclose if the other product will be a scooter or a bike”, HMSI sales and marketing head N.K. Rattan said.

“When we introduced motorcycles in India, we started with smaller engine sizes to cater to the masses. We have been exploring launching bigger motorcycles and this year an 800cc bike will be launched for the Indian market,” he added.

We reckon it’s going to be some sort of Uber scooter that runs on the fresh breath of new-born lambs, has real goose-feather suspension inserts and doesn’t depreciate.

Either that or another big scooter.