Help save circuit Mas du Clos

French circuit, favourite of UK trackdayers, faces closure

THE FANTASTIC circuit Mas du Clos in France is being threatened by closure and you can help.

As far as we understand, locals are complaining that the circuit is too noisy and other groups claim the circuit is too dangerous. If you've never been to Mas du Clos, think of it as a (more than likely to be) sunny Cadwell Park.

You can help by signing the petition located here: Save Mas du Clos petition

You will need a French postcode, here are a few examples: 67000, 67110, 21290, 77410, 74970

We are trying to dig up an exhaustive list of French postcodes, if you can help, please contact us. Also, if you are a native French speaker and can help us translate the facts from this page, we'd appreciate it.