Hells Angel refuses to give evidence in GBH case

"We don't blab on each other and that's a fact" says accused Angel

A HELLS ANGELS member has refused to give evidence in court and would rather go to prison as it's against "brotherhood" rules.

Sean Timmins, 37, appeared in Cardiff Crown Court accused of attacking a man at a petrol station in Cardiff. Timmins denies the charges, saying he was 132 miles away at the time of the attack.

The victim of the assault, Neil Lake, was punched to the ground after an argument with a group of Hells Angels. He needed three metal plates inserted in his face after the attack. Mr Lake wrote down the registration number of the attacker's bike in the dust on the back of his car as they rode off. Police record show Timmins was the registered keeper of that Harley Davidson Road King.

Timmins told a judge he knows the identity of the actual attacker, but would not reveal it because he is also an Angel.

"I know I'm in a serious position but I can't tell you who it is - I would rather go to jail. I've been arrested for something I haven't done. I made a no comment interview to the police because in the Hells Angels we don't make statements - the rules of the club prevent it.

"Even if you are in jeopardy, these are the rules of the club."

Timmins denies causing grievous bodily harm and inflicting grievous bodily harm on Mr Lake.

The trial continues.