Harley-Davidson goes Chatroulette.com

US bike manufacturer takes a gamble on the crazy online chat site

TROUBLED US motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson is attempting to reach out to a whole new audience by getting involved in the internet phenomenon 'Chatroulette.com'.

In a brave marketing move by the company's appointed consultants, Sassenbach Advertising, the Milwaukee giant is pushing out its “Sorry I’m on the Road” message to 170,000 people per week via the website, where people from all over the world can meet at random, chat, do whatever they like and then disappear into obscurity. All punters need are a computer, a webcam and a decent internet connection.

For purely journalistic purposes we had a shufti on 'Chatroulette.com' to see what the fuss was all about. What did we find?  A man humping a toy racoon, a guy in Italy eating pizza with one hand while, er, waving his todger with the other and a host of friendly folk chatting on one of the most bizarre websites we've seen in years.

We say hats off to Harley for agreeing to take the gamble. It's good to see someone stepping outside of their comfort zone, especially when it costs next to nothing to do.

Go on, give it a go!

Be warned: If you're tempted for a glimpse then do it at home. Chatroulette is not work friendly!