Government runs study into rider fatigue

'Take more breaks' says 64-page report

THE Department for Transport has produced a 64-page report into the effects of fatigue on motorcyclists.

The report has used all the relevant research into what happens to bikers when they get tired whilst riding – it also takes into account the circadian rhythms of other road users (the time and amount of times in a 24 hour period when they get tired and their actions are affected as a result of it) and found that bikers were most at risk between 2am and 6am and 2pm and 4pm (called the post-lunch dip).

One of the conclusions of the report is that motorcyclists should take more regular breaks to avoid becoming an accident statistic.
Anyone else get the impression that it’s only going to be a short step from this recommendation to a discussion over whether to make this a law?

Tachographs on bikes, like the lorry lot have to use? Scary. To see the report in full (and try avoiding fatigue when reading this lot)
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Fatigue report