Get on a Norton Commando 961 with Test Ride to You

The Test Ride to You service allows potential owners to try out the Norton Commando 961 when and where they like

Norton 961 Commando 2023

GETTING a taste of the Norton Commando 961 just got a little bit easier, as the Test Ride to You service is launched, allowing you to try the premium retro machine out for yourself.

The new concept allows you to book a test ride on the firm’s updated and heavily reworked bike, choosing when and where you’d like the test ride to take place. Fans in the UK mainland can get grips with both the SP and CR variants of the bike, and the offer is on top of conventional test rides run by Norton from its Solihull HQ.

Those wishing to book simply need to head to the dedicated Test Ride to You webpage, fill out the form and wait for a member of the Norton team to call them back. Once the date and location are organised, the bike will be dropped off and you’ll have around an hour to get acquainted with one of the most iconic motorcycles on the planet. As is the way with this sort of thing, T&Cs will inevitably apply, but you’ll be taken through all of that by one of the good people at Norton.

We’ve already ridden the updated bike, with Alex summing the bike up as follows:

“Whether opting for the SP or CR model, both are undeniably stunning motorcycles, with an iconic name that stretches back decades. Fire it into life, and it sounds the part too. And when you do get it out on the road, it’ll probably surprise you with the handling on offer.”

And now you don’t have to just take our word for it!

More information on the Test Ride to You program can be found here.

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