German noise initiative calls for extreme measures to silence bikes

Electric motorcycle recommendations, banning of bikes on weekends and making aftermarket exhausts illegal among German noise initiative proposal

A new proposal designed to combat noisy motorcyclists has been unveiled in Germany with a range of wild demands being made that go as far as banning the use of motorbikes on certain roads during weekends.

The issue of noisy motorcycles has become an increasingly vocal sticking point for residents in Europe who argue bikers have become a nuisance with loud motorcycles. Their complaints have been getting the attention of various councils though if the rise in devices used to measure decibel levels is anything to go by.

The well-publicised Meduse radar in France has already garnered controversy but seemingly galvanised other countries to begin their own initiatives. In Germany, level meters have been installed to alert riders if their motorcycles are too noisy – complete with a road sign of a child saying ‘danke’ if you heed to it – though it is unclear if penalties will be levied at those who get a ‘leiser’ flash.

Of more concern for bikes though is the Motorcycle Noise Initiative, which has been devised by Baden-Wurttenberg’s state government’s noise protection office and local councillors.

It calls for greater controls on motorcycle noise and makes a number of recommendations that range from excessive to unfathomable.

The scheme is ultimately aimed at encouraging riders to roll off in built up areas, but the initiative goes as far as calling for new regulations that effectively outlaw aftermarket exhausts and even adjust the tune of factory-fitted exhausts on new models. It then wants those who tamper with the exhausts to be fined.

Inevitably, the initiative calls for more police monitoring and a general shift towards almost silent electric motorcycle motoring but there is an even more extreme recommendation for bikers to be banned altogether from certain areas over weekends and public holidays for reasons of ‘noise protection’.

While there is perhaps some fairness in the argument aimed at those that rev liberally in built up areas for no particular reason, it is our opinion that motorcycles that make a noise are crucial for the safety of the riders, especially in those built up areas.

What do you think? Are these measures just another reason to get bikers off the road…?


Actually, this is not so new. I know that already there are roads in BW where:
All motor vehicles are banned on weekends & holidays
Lovely sweeping country roads with 50kph speed restriction for bikes in the weekend
So maybe not so outlandish!

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