Gatso speed cameras inaccurate in cold weather?

Motorist challenges speeding fine after discovering expert evidence on camera reading reliability

A MOTORIST is challenging a speeding fine after discovering Gatso speed camera units may provide inaccurate readings in cold weather.

Andrew Fowler, 48, is to take his case to court after the dad-of-three was snapped allegedly travelling at 41mph in a 30mph limit, on a road he uses every day on his way to work.

The electrical engineer claims to have expert evidence showing Gatsos can give false readings in sub-zero temperatures.

Mr Fowler believes that vital timing circuitry inside the unit is affected by cold weather, making speed readings inaccurate.

If successful, Mr Fowler's case could throw 1000s of speeding fines already handed out into question.

"It's me versus the system, there's no two ways about it, and it is pretty daunting to be honest," said Mr Fowler.

"I'm nowhere near being a rich man but I don't mind how much this costs me because it is for a good cause, this is for all motorists.

"If I'm successful everyone will be at their crown court with speeding cases. Everyone will be able to appeal."