France rolls out the red carpet for motorway touring motorcyclists

The French authorities are making motorways a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable places to ride for motorcyclists


MOTORCYCLISTS travelling through France can now take advantage of enhanced services for two-wheeled enthusiasts at service stops.

Compared to the UK’s motorway network, much of the French autoroute network already put the UK’s aged motorway network to shame. Break stops every ten kilometres or so, open-air picnic-stops and a relatively high level of facilities – although to access some of these you will need to be riding on a toll road.

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Now though, the APRR (Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône) is making motorway motorcycle touring across the channel a much more pleasurable affair with the inclusion of motorcycle-specific – and in some cases motorcycle only-facilities.

Le Repaire des Motards The new ‘Motorcycle Corners’ will provide travellers with some essential maintenance equipment, chain lube, tyre repair kits, cleaning kit, straps and even rain kit! On top of that, riders can also take advantage of free helmet storage while taking a break.

Some areas are even getting what APRR is calling a ‘bikers relay’ which is reported to offer free coffee to riders and even an area for wet and weary travellers to dry out their riding kit!

Véronique Tallon , Customer Director of the APRR said:

“We are boosting our service offers free of charge or at the price charged outside the motorway, with a network proportionate to the needs of our customers. Here, with motorcycle professionals, we provide a complete response awaited by bikers. Our goal: to facilitate and safely accompany their trips, to provide maximum pleasure!”

Motorcycle spaces on the French motorway network