France to lower noise limits at race tracks by 2024

France is set to lower the noise limits at its race tracks from 2024 from 102dB to 95dB, as the country looks to combat noise pollution.

Fabio Quartararo, Aleix Espargaro - Yamaha, Aprilia

France is set to lower the noise limit for its race tracks from 2024, as it seeks to lower noise pollution. 

The new legislation will see the current noise limit of 102 decibels cut to 95 decibels, and will mean track-going road bikes will need to be more tightly-restricted on France’s race tracks. 

For the avoidance of doubt, this regulation will apply only to road bikes when they go on the race track, but not - for the moment, at least - to racing motorcycles. This means that, for example, the French Grand Prix, the WorldSBK round in Magny-Cours, the Bol d’Or and the 24 Heures Motos are not (yet) under threat. In fact- certainly this is true for WorldSBK - those events are already over the existing noise limit of 102dB. 

To the annoyance of many, this means we have to talk again about electric bikes. We have written quite a lot about electric bikes in recent times, from scooters to adventure bikes, and from the major manufacturers to the new, smaller, brands that are trying to get ahead of them.

There are many problems at the moment with electrics: range, a lack of infrastructure, a lack of performance (generally speaking), and an abundance of weight. Noise is another, for some people (this author included) and yet this news out of France shows how electric bikes’ quietness can be of benefit to track day goers and even to racers. 

We know that governments are trying to clamp down on noise pollution, too. Here in the UK, ‘noise cameras’ (alternatively known as microphones) are being trialled this summer as the government here tries to keep noise pollution down. 

In places like Brands Hatch, for example, noise pollution is a particular issue because of the proximity of a large number of houses. This is repeated in many other places around the world, and Lommel - regarded in motocross as one of if not the most challenging track in the world - was threatened in recent times with closure over noise pollution issues. 

Electric bikes eliminate noise pollution as a problem, and while they might not be great for the spectators of racing in the short term, they might be beneficial for fans of racing in the long term, as less tracks will be forced to close due to noise concerns.

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