Five plead guilty to bike insurance fraud

Ring leader commits suicide as insurance scammers appear in court

FIVE MEN involved in a bike insurance fraud ring have pleaded guilty to the charges of making false claims for the theft of non-existent motorbikes, a court has heard.

The five from Weston-super-Mare people pleaded guilty to fraud charges. They were: Andrew Hall, aged 34, of Brompton Road, Oldmixon; Jody Cowell, 28, of Monkton Avenue, Weston; Duane Long, 20, of Thirlmere Road, Weston; Matthew Potter, 25, of Lonsdale Avenue, Weston; and Liam Lees, 22, of Locking Road, Weston.

Duane Long received cheques for £3,700 and £4,000 in two false claims. Jody Cowell received £3,400 in a false claim, pocketing a reward of £1,000. Andrew Hall was sent cheques totalling £8,400 following two fake claims and kept £3,000.

The court also heard how the instigator of the scam, Glen Lord, hanged himself after being arrested on suspicion of receiving £7700 from a false claim.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC handed Long a five-month curfew between 8pm and 6am as well as 40 hours unpaid work and told him to pay £20 a week compensation for a year. Cowell received a three-month curfew and told her to pay £10 a week for a year. Hall was given a six-month curfew and told to pay £10 a week compensation for two years.