First look at MotoE race bike in action on its debut test lap

Just how fast is the Energica Ego Corsa MotoE race bike? Here it is in action on its debut test lap in losail, Qatar.

MotoE race bike

On Sunday following the MotoGP opener in Qatar the Energica Ego Corsa MotoE race bike made its debut test lap giving us a teaser of what it can do.

MotoGP posted this video of the bike's demo lap with the bike being ridden by former 500cc British Grand Prix winner Simon Crafar.

Simon says the experience was 'really different'. 

What do you think about MotoE? Are you excited about it? Do you think it will be an instant success or a slow-burner?

The category will debut in 2019, when a grid of 18 riders will compete on identical motorcycles built by Energica.

The bike currently produces 147hp, has a maximum speed of 250km/h and can do 0-100km/h in 3 seconds.

Further weight loss is planned for the final MotoE race bike, while the battery can be charged from 0 to 85% in under 30-minutes.