Who rides London? Survey to profile two-wheeler use in the capital

The results will be presented to London Mayor Sadiq Khan in an attempt to highlight the importance of PTWs

Who rides London? Survey to profile two-wheeler use in the capital

AS a motorcyclist in London, I see everyday just how important two-wheelers are in reducing congestion and getting from A to B.

Unfortunately, it appears Sadiq Khan doesn’t realise this, as he has omitted powered two-wheelers (PTWs) in the latest London Transport Strategy, a move that has enraged bikers across the capital.

So in an effort to educate the Mayor, a researcher has created a survey to investigate just how important powered motorbikes and scooters are within the emission zone.

Dr Elaine Hardy has created the online survey, called 'Who Rides London?', in order to “identify motorcycle, scooter and moped riders who typically commute to work in the proposed ULEZ zones of London”.

She hopes to “find out the profile of the riders and the type of powered two wheelers (bikes/scooters/mopeds) travelling in these areas”.

The results will then be used to highlight the importance of PTWs and “put forward a case for continued access to all areas in London”.

So if you ride London, and want to continue to do so, take part in the survey here.

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