First Look: 2009 Zero X electric off-roader

Lightweight, 23bhp, no noise or emissions - take a look at the future of off-road riding

Zero's 2009 bike punches out 23bhp

The frame weighs 8kg

ELECTRIC BIKE manufacturer ZERO Motorcycles has announced their all-new 2009 machine is now available through the company's website.

Zero claim the 2009 bike is faster, stronger and more durable for the most demanding terrain. Upgraded elements include the drivetrain, frame, suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres.

The Zero X is aan electric dirt bike, powered by lithium-ion batteries, with an aluminum frame. Zero claim 23 horsepower is punted out fromn the electric motor, which they also claim is enough to kepp up with conventional off-road motorcycles - without the related noise and pollution problems.

"After years of designing electric motorcycles we're still innovating to go faster and further. The 09 Zero X is another evolutionary leap forward. We've made several key changes based on suggestions from both pro riders and our current customers," said Neal Saiki, inventor and founder of Zero Motorcycles. "We are definitely the leader in electric motorcycle technology and we intend to remain out front."

The 2009 Zero X is priced at $7750, with an introductory price of $7450 through December 31, 2008.

For information on Zero Motorcycles:


Type Brushed permanent magnet electric

Torque 50 ft-lbs

Peak horsepower 23 horsepower

Peak electrical input 17,400 watts

Type Patent-pending lithium ion array

Capacity 2 kWh (58volts @ 35Ah)

Range 40 miles

Recharge time 2 hours

Input Standard 110V or 220V

Transmission Clutchless one speed

Drive system 13T / 71T, 420 Chain

Front Suspension Travel 7 - 8 inches (178 - 203 mm)

Rear Suspension Travel 9 inches (229 mm)

Front Brakes 6 Pot Hydraulic, Stainless Rotor, Hand Actuated

Rear Brakes 6 Pot Hydraulic, Stainless Rotor, Hand Actuated

Front Tire 20” x 3.0” (size)

Rear Tire 17” x 3.5” (size)

Wheel base 54 inches (137 cm)

Seat height 36 inches (91 cm)

Head angle 24 degrees from vertical with 8" fork

Frame 18 pounds

Total weight without Power Pack 106 pounds

Power module 45 pounds

Total weight 151 pounds

Typical cost to recharge Less than $.01 per mile