Fatal crash blamed on new tyres

Scrub new tyres in to stay safe

FOLLOWING the results of a recent inquest, a grieving biker's family are calling for riders to take extra care whilst riding on brand new tyres.

Earlier this year, Coventry rider Jason Bayliss lost control of his Suzuki motorcycle just 30 minutes after getting new tyres fitted. Jason was knocked unconscious from the crash, but despite efforts from a passer by, succumbed to his 'unsurvivable' injuries.

Mr Bayliss' brother, Billy Jackson, told the Coventry Observer: "If I could give anyone advice, it would be to make sure they scrub their tyres in.

"Until the tyres are scrubbed in, it feels like you're riding on ice. I warned Jason and he knew the dangers but he still had an accident. You can get it done at some shops for a small cost and it could really make a difference - just take it easy."

Motorcycle tyres have a slippy surface when new due to a releasing agent and riders should take care for the first 100 miles of a tyres' life, taking care not to accelerate, turn or brake aggressively.

Our thoughts are with Jason's family and friends.