Durham Cops drop Honda Pan European ST1300

Honda stalwart overlooked in favour of 150mph Yamaha FJR1300

Police FJR in eyecatching new paint scheme

POLICE MOTORCYCLISTS in Teesdale have dropped their crop of Honda ST1300 Pan Europeans and instead opted for a fleet of 150mph Yamaha FJR1300s.

The news follows numerous complaints from Police Forces nationwide over the stability of Honda's ST1300 Pan European. Many of the country's bike cops have refused to ride the Honda, as it's deemed too much of a risk when loaded with heavy police kit.

The new fleet of Yamahas have been given a sharp new paint scheme and are now more visible thanks to 'Battenberg style' of police livery, which uses high visibility yellow diamond patterns on a blue background.

As well as the high visibility markings, the bikes also have LED lights which use less power, and are fitted with Incident Data Recorders.

PC Tony Richmond, of Durham Constabulary's motorcycle section, said: "The bikes are capable of doing everything we ask of them. They are agile enough and quick enough to do what we need them to do,and the markings make us even more visible."

PC Richmond also explained that although the motorcycle section does traffic duties, they spend a lot of time promoting responsible riding.