Ducati riders most commonly company directors, while Cagiva owners are unemployed

Insurance firm's analysis of 1.3 million claims reveals that and other interesting facts

A MOTORCYCLE insurer has published detailed analysis of 1.3 million claims to give a unique insight into UK riders.

The Bike Insurer has created a web page showing what motorcyclists do for a living, what bikes they ride and what convictions they have on their licence.

The page splits the UK by region and shows data including the most popular motorcycle and most frequently cited rider occupation in each one. It shows the average rider age and whether they are most commonly single or married. 

The page also shows the differences between riders of different manufacturers' bikes across the whole of the UK.

According to the data, the most frequently cited occupation of Ducati riders is company director while for Cagiva owners it's unemployed. 

Meanwhile 73% of Aprilia owners are single while 59% of BMW riders are married.

Across the UK, 93% of riders are male and their average age is 32.

In Scotland and Northern England the most popular motorcycle is either the Yamaha YBF125 or Honda CBF125, while in London and the South East it's the sportier Yamaha YZF-R125.