Driver nudges motorcycle in front of oncoming lorry and says 'I just wasn't looking. My bad.'

That's OK mate. Just never get behind the wheel again.

FRESH evidence has emerged that anyone who says "my bad" is a weapons-grade tool, in this video posted on YouTube yesterday.

The helmet camera footage shows the moment a motorcyclist stopped to give way at a T-junction only to be nudged forward by the car behind. 

Luckily there's nothing coming. Except an 18-wheeler lorry. 

Getting out of his car, the driver shows his appreciation of the gravity of his error by telling the rider: "I just wasn't looking. My bad."

Not all the dialogue is audible but we hear him say "My bad" three more times as he laments damage to his number plate. 

That's okay. We're just going to shove you in front a lorry too. Our bad.

The video was posted by YouTube user Snod Blatter, who says only 'What the..??'

We think the missing word is an Anglo-Saxon expletive beginning with 'f'.