Bike cop found guilty of headbutting woman

Police offer headbutted woman while wearing motorcycle helmet

Police bike

AN EXPERIENCED member of Hamphire’s road policing unit has today been found guilty of assault after headbutting a woman while wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Sargeant David Sanderson, 45, headbutted ambulance call centre worker Donja Bryant after a row at an Asda petrol station in Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire.

The incident occurred after Sanderson said that Bryant’s partner, Nadia Aziz, had been using her mobile while driving. Sanderson is said to have seen Nadia Aziz on her phone while he was filling up his bike.

Sanderson followed them away from the forecourt and pulled them over, blocking the driver’s door. Bryant describes the Sanderson as being ‘intimidating’ because he was ‘shouting and glaring at the window’.

After being told the phone was on hands-free and being asked to leave, Sanderson is said to have replied with ‘What are you going to do about it?’ before headbutting Bryant, leaving her with a bump.

Ms Bryant also claims that Sanderson didn’t identify himself as a police officer.

An off duty police officer, PS Charles Ilderton, witnessed the altercation and said that the attack appeared to be deliBerate. After confronting Sanderson, Mr Ilderton was reportedly told: ‘You don’t know what you saw young man, I’m police too.’

Sanderson claimed it was accidental, but magistrates in Worthing found him guilty of assault. He will be sentenced on April 24.