Doohan linked to second Vegas nightclub

Former 500cc champ involved in another US-based gentlemen's club

FIVE-TIME 500cc World Champion Mick Doohan is to launch a second nightclub in Las Vegas where "you don't see violence".

Doohan and Gold Coast music promoter Billy Cross are behind plans for the new 2500 capacity venue in the MGM Mirage ARIA City Centre complex, which will be built at a cost of between around £10 million.

"People go to Vegas to have fun – you don't see violence there. We're too lenient here (Australia). In America it's policed differently," said Mr Cross.

"It's not like you see people spitting in coppers' faces – if you did that there you'd be spreadeagled on the floor with a gun at the back of your head."

Doohan was in the news recently after a luxury passenger jet deal soured, costing the Australian $75,000 in unpaid bills.