Deadpool 2 produces violated safety regs that led to death

The production company behind Deadpool 2 have been found to have violated safety regulations that could have saved Joi Harris

Joi SJ Harris Dead Pool 2 stunt rider

THE Canadian Safety Commission has ruled that the film's production company had violated a number of vital safety regulations that could have prevented the death back in 2017.

First reported in Deadline, the hearing has found that one of the primary factors in the death was requesting that Harris ride the bike while not wearing a crash helmet. At the time she was filming a stunt sequence but lost control of the Ducati Hypermotard, crashed through a plate-glass window at Shaw Tower in Vancouver.

An eyewitness at the time said to Deadline that the bike seemed to accelerate at a corner when it should have slowed down. They also note that Harris was not wearing a helmet when the accident occurred, because the Domino character did not wear one in the scene.

The Canadian version of the Health and Safety Executive, WorkSafeBC also found that the production company, TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd. “Failed to ensure that the workplace was designed with safety controls in place so that the stunt performer or the motorcycle could not proceed beyond the perimeter of the film set.”

They also found that in the run up to filming, they failed to put in the groundwork to ensure such an accident could not occur. They said, “[They] failed to ensure that the stunt performer was provided with a new worker orientation and failed to ensure that the stunt performer completed the young and new worker orientation checklist.”

Joi was an experienced motorcyclist, being the first African American woman to be licenced as a professional motorcycle racer, something she’d done since 2014. She was also the founded here own racing team in the form of Threader Racing.