COVID-19 | Dos and don’ts for motorcyclists in new lockdown measures

Lockdown measures in England will be lifted from Wednesday 13 May - this is what you CAN and CANNOT do as motorcyclists from this date

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On Sunday evening, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson laid out his plans to relax the lockdown measures currently gripping the United Kingdom and though his speech left some none the wiser, a more thorough document from the government sheds clearer light on what we as the public can and cannot do.

Named “OUR PLAN TO REBUILD: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy” the 60-page document was released on Monday to provide greater clarity on the new broad social measures being introduced.

From a motorcycling perspective this appears to represent largely good news. Though the original measures stated that only essential journeys and transport for key workers on a motorcycle was permitted, some of these restrictions will be lifted from WEDNESDAY.

However, importantly, the new measures are in place for ENGLAND only.

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have maintained the existing ‘Stay At Home’ messaging which means only essential journeys are permitted.

What motorcyclists in England ONLY can do

  • You may travel to your workplace if it is safe to do so, provided it is not feasible for you to work from home 
  • If you ride a motorcycle, using this transport is actively encouraged if it means you are avoiding public transport
  • You may make unlimited journeys to any part of England to an OPEN PUBLIC SPACE, provided social distancing measures are maintained when you aren’t riding
  • You may ride pillion with a member of your own household 
  • You may ride as a group but ONLY if you live in the same household
  • However, one person from one household may ride on a separate motorcycle with ONE person who lives in another household provided you socially distance at a space of two metres from one another when you are at your destination e.g. a public park
  • As applies to everyone, social distancing must be maintained at all times in public places around people who do not live in your household

What motorcyclists cannot do

  • You are not permitted to ride pillion with a member from another household
  • You may not ride to visit friends and family at their household
  • You may not travel from England to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Those not resident in England must continue to follow the “Stay at Home” message as there are different measures in place as applied by the devolved governments

While the temptation is no doubt there to notch up the miles after several weeks of keeping your journeys limited, the government says it will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation closely to ensure there are no spikes in the infection rate. 

The government has urged the public in England not to congregate in beauty spots in order to keep the R number, or infection rate, below 1.0 (it currently sits between 0.5-0.9). If infection rates subsequently rise, the above lifting of restrictions in England may be reversed. 

As ever, Visordown encourages everyone to ride sensibly, responsibly and safely.

This is our current understanding of the government’s advice. Though motorcycles aren’t specifically mentioned in the official document, this information is gleaned from the travel section of the official document (Page 27)

Please refer to the official document (CLICK HERE) for further information on your individual circumstance.