Chinese built 150bhp V4 motorcycle engine breaks cover

A Chinese built V4 engine has been announced boasting 1198cc and a fairly lacklustre 150bhp

Chinese built V4 engine

SURELY the crown in any motorcycle manufacturers range is a racy and powerful V4 engine. The distinctive V4 growl, otherworldly power figures and pub-bragging kudos points really are all hard to beat.

So it’s no surprise that the awakening giant that is the Chinese motorcycle industry is looking at getting in the V4 game. The unit you can see above is built by Benda, the unfortunately named firm that officially released the interesting looking LFC700 earlier this year.

Powered by an inline four-cylinder engine nestled in a Diavel-a-like chassis, the bike made headlines when it launched for its uncharacteristic design. Now though, the form wants to add a more exotic piece of engineering and design into its range.

The company has just announced not one, but two V4 powerplants, an 1198cc and 496cc version. Neither is particularly highly stressed, and feature lower compression ratios than their European rivals. The bore and stroke of the 1198 is 76x66mm, and the 16-valve unit is being reported to produce a fairly mediocre 150bhp. The peak number is produced at 9,500rpm, while peak torque of 89lb-ft is produced at 7,500rpm.

The smaller and more viable of the two units is obviously the 496cc option. Producing 57bhp and 33lb-ft of torque, the compact V4 dimensions would be perfect for slotting into a svelte sports bike or road-biased naked machine.

As yet we have no indication of what sort of bikes the units could – if they make production – end up in. We also don’t have any confirmation of emissions standards, meaning we can’t even hazard a guess if they’ll make it to these shores.

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