Benda LFC700 performance Cruiser Launched in China

The production-ready Benda LFC700 inline four-cylinder cruiser has been officially released in China


THE Benda LFC7000 (aka; the bike that writes its own headlines) has been officially unveiled this week after the covers were pulled off at the China International Motorcycle Trade Expo.

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The bike has been widely reported for some time, with patents first appearing in early 2020. Since then the bike has changed design significantly, with the design of the frame being one of the key areas the team updated.

Today though we can see what the actual production model looks like, and if you can hack the name, it actually looks alright! We have Brembo stoppers, decent spec suspension and a 680cc inline four-cylinder engine. The bike comes in two flavours, standard and high power. The standard is claimed to produce 83bhp @10,000rpm, while the high power produces 90bhp @ 11,000rpm. Torque remains roughly the same, with standard producing 44lb-ft and the high power producing 46lb-ft. The top speed for the standard is pegged at 105mph while the high power is said to hit a shade over 120mph.

Chinese built bikes are renowned for being cheap as chips, and while we can’t comment on what the UK will/could/might be if and when it lands here, in its homeland of China it looks to be very good value! The standard version is priced at just over £4,000, while the high power comes in at just over £5,000. As there aren’t many inline configuration performance cruisers on the market, it’s hard to say if that truly is good value. It’s more than the Kawasaki Vulcan for sure, but it’s also better equipped. Harley-Davidson also doesn’t seem to have a direct competitor either – since the Street 750 and Street Rod are now dropped… The Benda actually looks to be in a class of its own.

Images from BikeDekho.