Official | The world’s greatest stag or hen venue has been found!

Little Talladega might just be the perfect venue for a petrol heads pre-wedding stag party

little taladega

WE have done it, after an extensive search of the interwebs, we’ve finally found the greatest stag (or hen) party venue in the universe. You’re welcome!

Introducing, Little Talladega, Pomona Missouri. You only have to watch the intro to this video to see the potential of the place. Swimming pool – check, room for 20 to sleep – check, pool, tennis, basketball and arcade – check. Miniature racetrack encircling the venue – CHECK!

Yes, you read that correctly, as the name would suggest, Little Talladega features its very own racetrack looping around the outside of the property. Not only that, for ultimate stag party enjoyment, the venue also features a large outdoor swimming pool, gym, arcade and pool room, drift karts, ATVs and quads, go-karts and of course the outdoor circuit.

Welcome to Little Talladega

Given that the venue is situated in the heart of Missouri, some of the décor is questionable – we were particularly taken by the bedclothes that are totally Trumpy! To be honest though, you’re either going to be too drunk or having too much two-wheeled fun to notice the interior styling.

And the price for all this petrol heads heaven I hear you cry?! Well, a stay at Little Talladega for you and the family will set you back $4,000. Good look getting that past your better half! Split the cost though with 20 like-minded mates though and you’ll be paying around $200 per head for the pleasure of staying in possibly the greatest guest house the Air B&B gods ever created!

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