Check your mirrors, man

See that car going just as fast as you? It's not because the driver wants a race

HERE'S a tip if you insist on doing over 120mph on the motorway: you might want to check your mirrors occasionally. And if you suddenly find a car up your chuff, going just as fast but not overtaking, ask yourself why that might be. It's not because the driver wants to make friends. 

A motorcyclist has been handed an 18-month ban, £145 fine and 250 hours’ community service after being following by an unmarked police car on the M5 at up to 127mph.

Avon and Somerset Police footage shows Robin Heaven undertake the car, which at that stage is doing 68mph in the outside lane. The police then accelerate and closely tail the bike, hitting up to 127mph to keep up, while Heaven, 21, blithely continues to nail it. By the time the police pull him over, the car has been following him for three minutes.

Heaven, from Berkeley, Gloucestershire, was filmed on the M5 south of Bristol in June. He appeared at North Somerset Magistrates' Court this week.