First Saietta R electric sports bike sells

London-based financier buys first production version of £16,770 Saietta

SOME motorcycles have celebrated their millionth customer. An electric sports bike produced in London is marking its first.

A London-based financier has become the first person in the world to own of a production version of the Saietta R, which does 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds and up to 112 miles per battery charge. Mark Northwood also contributed to final development tweaks after test-riding the £16,770 machine.

Northwood, who bought the Saietta to replace his BMW F800ST, said riding it was "surreal".

He said: “Most bikes make a feature of the exhaust note and there is lots of vibration and heat from between your knees. The Saietta R is quiet, calm and cool, while delivering an uninterrupted surge from zero to the speed limit.”