Bultaco ready to produce 1,000 bikes a year

Brincos will be rolling out of new Spanish factory later this year for €4,800 (£3,458)

REVIVED Spanish marque Bultaco is gearing up to produce 1,000 bikes a year at a new 2,000 square-metre factory in Barcelona.

The firm plans to begin making its new electric model, the Brinco, from late 2015 and says the capacity of the production line will eventually be 20,000 units a year.

Unlike the original 74cc two-stroke Brinco of the ‘70s, the new one comes in the form of a pedal-assisted electric mountain bike.

It’s got a 2.6hp motor incorporated into the back wheel, with a more impressive 44.2lbft of torque. The range is 18.6 miles using solely the battery’s power or 50 miles if you help out by pedalling, and the recharge time is three hours.

It weighs just 39kg including the 9kg battery and the price announced in Spain is €4,800 (£3,458).

The Brinco was one of three new electric prototypes unveiled by Bultaco last year, the other two, called the Rapitán and the Rapitán Sport, being more like conventional motorcycles, with 54hp. No announcement has been made on when production of those will begin.

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