Bultaco reveals new Brinco

Off-roader weighs 33kg and makes more torque than a Honda CBR500. The catch: it has pedals.

SPANISH motorcycle firm Bultaco has revealed a new version of the Brinco.

Whilst the original Brinco 108 was a 74cc two-stroke bike produced in the early 70s, the latest edition comes in the form of a pedal-assisted electric mountain bike.

Powered by a 1kWh lithium-ion battery that can be fully recharged in two hours, Bultaco says the electric motor in the latest Brinco produces 44.2ft.lb of torque - 10ft.lb more than a Honda CBR500R.

It has three modes: ECO, Urban and Sport.

ECO mode can be used in conjunction with pedaling and will last roughly 60 miles before the battery dies. Sport mode utilises all available torque giving the Brinco a top speed of 37mph. Urban mode provides a level of performance and range between the other two settings.

The electric bike weighs 33kg and uses an aluminium chassis with adjustable USD forks, a piggyback reservoir rear shock and disc brakes.

For €4,800 you can buy one of the 175 being made - a special number according to Bultaco, who says 175 celebrates the birth of its founder Don Paco Bulto who was born on 17 May.

The bikes are scheduled for production in April next year and will go on sale alongside the recently launched Bultaco Rapitan and Rapitan Sport, also powered by electric motors.

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