BSB ace Bradley Ray passes his bike test

After passing his CBT in July and Module 1 in October, Brad is now road legal


21-YEAR-OLD BRAD RAY adds another accolade to his already bulging trophy cabinet; a shiny, new, full UK motorcycle licence.

After starting his training, by passing his CBT back in July, Brad then wasted no time in passing his Module 1 (the off-road part of the test taken at a DSA test centre) as soon as the BSB season had ended in October! Ray completed his testing yesterday, 13th November, on a restricted, Suzuki SV650 (his age means he is limited to a bike with no more than 35kW or 46.6hp) which is quite a jump down from the 220+hp GSX-R1000 he races in the BSB!

For his daily driver, Brad is considering a much more comfortable and steadier road bike in the form of either a Suzuki V-Strom 650 adventure/touring machine or Suzuki’s SV650.

After the test he said: “I thought I was nervous for the first part but it went up a gear today. I think I put myself under a lot more pressure for the road bit, but I did some more training with Tom from Shires [Motorcycle Training] again yesterday and the examiner was quite reassuring to be fair, and I relaxed a bit more as it went on. But the relief afterwards was unreal, honestly. I was genuinely so happy. It’s a shame we’re getting into the winter now, but I’m eyeing up either an SV650 or V-Strom 650 for next year and looking forward to getting on the road and just enjoying motorcycling. Everyone should do it.”