Brembo has unveiled its revolutionary Sensify AI braking system

Due for release in 2024, Brembo is braking the mould with their state of the art braking system, which could trickle down to motorcycles in the future.

Brembo show its latest Sensify braking technology

Brembo has just showcased their revolutionary future plans, with the unveiling of the Sensify braking system. It’s a full software and AI-based ‘ecosystem’ which dispenses the reliance on fluids and old tech, in favour of AI gadgetry and electronic actuation. 

In a video shown on its YouTube channel, the Italian brake manufacturer has showcased a full system of Brake Control Units, Hydraulic Actuators, Hydraulic Connections and Electromechanical Calipers all served by electrical connections - and due for release in 2024.

It’s displayed on cars, and there’s no definite mention of motorcycles on the video, but the video does say ‘fits any kind of vehicle’… 

The description says: “With SENSIFY the braking system is no longer simply a sum of its parts but an ecosystem, where artificial intelligence and software play an active role. Data collection is leveraged to improve the driver experience and allows the system to be constantly updated.”

Lever position can be adjusted to suit each driver/rider, the conditions, and therefore can be adjusted per rider mode. The lack of hydraulic fluid promises to make the system require less maintenance and therefore less expensive to own. 

I’d hate to think of the costs when something does go wrong, but this could have serious benefits to electric motorcycles by further removing maintenance from the equation. On that note, the brake system also claims to maximise regenerative capabilities, therefore reducing the necessity for large weighty batteries for an increased range. 

Could Brembo be onto something for electric vehicles?

This could mean a smaller battery cell is required, as the regeneration will keep the charge topped up as you ride normally, therefore increasing range. 

But, to bring us back down to Earth, this is a system shown for cars. The possibilities for two-wheels are there, and Brembo is clearly advancing its brake technology at a rapid pace - we’ve seen the colourful G Sessanta brakes announced earlier this year - but we won’t hold our breath for a two-wheeled version to be ready just yet.

Source: Ride Apart, Moto.IT

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